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Dowel pins for automotive

It is mainly used for positioning and can also be used for connection. It relies on interference fit to fix in the pin hole. Cylindrical pins are used for positioning. They are usually unloaded or subjected to very small loads. The number is not less than two. They are distributed in the direction of symmetry of the overall structure of the connected parts. The length is about 1 to 2 times the small diameter.


At present, cylindrical pins are mostly made of carbon structural steel. Generally, the materials are mostly C35 and C45, other stainless steel and special alloy materials can be negotiable,heat treatment is required. Bearing steel is selected under high strength requirements. 

Cylindrical/dowel pins also include ordinary dowel pins, internally threaded cylindrical/dowel pins, threaded cylindrical pins, pin with holes, and elastic cylindrical pins.

Our dowel pins have been exported to Benz in Germany and HYUNDAI in Korea, which are approved by IATF16949.Any pins for automotive requirements,please contact us freely.