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heavy washers

Gasket set or a quantity of expansion or contraction cycles can cause loosening of the bolt and these heavy duty washers are designed to prevent such an occurrence.


Manufactured to specification DIN 6796,DIN 7349,DIN 6340 these heavy washers are perfect for bolted connections using bolts that range from grade 8.8 to 10.9.And also the high corrosion resistance of Inconel, incoloy,hastelloy,monel,duplex,stainless steel materials are available.SD fasteners meet applicable ASTM, ANSI, ASME, SAE, API, NAS, AN, MS, NACE, ISO, DIN, BS , JIS and KS standards.

Surface: Black Oxide, Cadmium plated,Galvanized,Teflon, Xylan,Dacroment, phosphate,Zinc plated,zinc-aluminum coated,Hot dip galvanished,brass plated,nickel plated,chrome/chromium plated,zinc-flake coated,plain,zinc-aluminium,silver plated, Blue Anodized, blue dyed,blue anodized,blue phosphate,zinc-flake coated,zinc yellow-chromate plated,polished,passivated,waxed,plain,stainless steel,Others Upon Request