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Manufacturer,supplier of fasteners including studs, thread rods,bolts,nuts,washers and automotive cylindrical dowel pins

For over two decades,we mainly facusing on special alloy material steelmaking and smelting,which is located in Zhangjiaguang metallurgical center,Jiangshu Provinace.As customers requirement for EPC demand,we enlarge our fasteners business in 2009.With over ten years' experience,we improve our fasteners products which are German standard metric size and American standard inch size for bolts,studs,threaded rods,washers and nuts; custom-made inch or metric size bolts and rods are welcomed.

For special materials including nickel based alloy-incoloy,incone,hastelloy materials and dupex ,we use advanced smelting equipment to smelt special alloys of raw materials or source from superior materials approved by ISO9001 acc to requirements quantity.The company specializes in the production and processing of fasteners including rods,stud bolts,bolts,nuts,screws,washers.We strictly inspect from raw materials to final products and follow international standards ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM, ASME, ANSI produces the final fastener product. We produce and sell high quality fasteners to escort your project. Products are widely used in domestic railways, bridges, construction, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries.

The markets we serve include Chemical Processing, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Heavy industry,Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical & Refining, Retail industry,Waster treatment,Air Pollution Control, Mechanical manufacturing, Electronics, Furniture products , Auto parts, Lights , Medical device, Buildings, and Water Treatment etc. 

Our dowel pin manufacturer branch located in Wujin District, Changzhou, is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing cylindrical rollers, needle rollers and bearings. The company attaches great importance to technology introduction and new technology development and application. It has excellent professionals and senior engineers, and adopts domestic first-class production and testing equipment, which lays a solid foundation for professional equipment development, quality management and precision measurement. The company's main products are cylindrical rollers,pins. The annual output is 55 million pieces set, with complete product specifications. It is widely used in automobile, machine tool, motor, mining, port and other industries. In addition to supporting domestic and Taiwan bearing manufacturers, it also serves overseas manufacturers. Japan, Australia, Italy, the United States and other European and American countries and regions have established good domestic and international supply channels.All of products are approved by IATF 16949.

The company is committed to the improvement and improvement of the quality management system. All employees work hard to unite and strive to meet the different needs of each customer with advanced technology, scientific management, high-quality products and excellent service. Welcome new and old customers to our company!