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T bolt

A bolt with a T-shaped head, made to fit into a T-shaped slot in a drill swivel head or in the bed of a machine.


T-slot bolts can make the difference between a jig that is a pleasure to use, and one that is downright frustrating. These T-bolts have smooth, clean threads for spin-on, spin-off ease when making adjustments to your woodworking jigs and fixtures.Non-standard are available. 

SD fasteners meet applicable ASTM, ANSI, ASME, SAE, API, NAS, AN, MS, NACE, ISO, DIN, BS , JIS and KS standards. 

UTS – Unified thread standard : UNC,UNF,UNEF,UNS,NPT,NPTF

Surface: Black Oxide, Cadmium plated,Galvanized,Teflon, Xylan,Dacroment, phosphate,Zinc plated,zinc-aluminum coated,Hot dip galvanished,brass plated,nickel plated,chrome/chromium plated,zinc-flake coated,plain,zinc-aluminium,silver plated, Blue Anodized, blue dyed,blue anodized,blue phosphate,zinc-flake coated,zinc yellow-chromate plated,polished,passivated,waxed,plain,stainless steel,Others Upon Request