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workshop corner

Our specific spare parts like dowel pins approved by IATF 16949 certificate as your requirements to satisfy your custom-made requirements.Fetured products according to cutomers' drawi

fastener measurements

The sizes measurements are torsion meters,vernier caliper,micro caliper,projector.Our fasteners are widely used due to their strength and ductility. Comprehensive service is available.EPC,OME order are our strength.

automatic impact testing machine

Impact test for low temperature and normal temperature or customers' specific requirement.

Cylindrical /dowel pins tests

Just behaviors,Scientific methods,Accurate results,Timely Services

Fastener Works

Comprehensive service is available.EPC,OME order are our strength.

Bolts Works

One of our fabricate workshop corners

universal material testing machine

All of products are tested for tensile test as per ASTM,DIN,EN,JIS,GOST,GB/T standards.

spectormeter for chemical tests

Behaves justly,inspect fairly,so you can be sure you’re working the best suppliers and inspectors.

harndess tester

Three hardness tester---brinell test,rockwell test,vickers test.You will always get a completed project you can trust. We guarantee it 100%.